Monday, March 7, 2011

Picky buyers may lose out on great deals

Finding a “move-in ready” home was important to 87 percent of 300 first-time buyers recently polled. Some agents say buyers are being more selective; and some are even turning away from well-priced homes because they do not have granite countertops, need a new carpet or have wall colors not to their liking.
Zillow says higher downpayments and stricter underwriting standards mean today’s buyers want to ensure their homes need few – or at least inexpensive – improvements.
According to real estate agents, HGTV and other cable channels have made today’s buyers more knowledgeable about home design, and some worry that such programming also has given buyers unrealistic expectations.
You can’t have the big yard, the top-line updates, and a low priced home. You’ve got to compromise somewhere or else you’ll never buy anything and waste everyone's time.

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